The session takes 1,5 hours time on Zoom. You can receive the healing, relaxing energy in the comfort of your own home. Where ever you are.


Or contact me by email at

"Anja is a powerful channel for ancient elemental force and a blessed channel. She combines her own voice to her drumming and the healing session feels to be in guidence of a greater power. Anja is channeling what is meant to be. A very warm recommendation to her healing session." - Tuulia Helmisola


"Amazing, strong healing. Strong but gentle and full of love. Exactly what I needed. I fell in peace and almost asleep. At some point my muscles reacted and something was pulled out of me. I freed myself from something heavy. After healing I felt so alive. My senses were open, sharpened, even colors were brighter. The feeling of my inner child being full of joy and sparkle inside me. I shine the light that I am. I am younger, joy is bursting from my every cell. Thank you thank you thank you." - Anne Harmoinen


"My body opened up completely on a new level in Anja's healing session on Zoom. I do energy healing and clearvoyant readings and when I did that after Anja's healing, the energy flowed through me more powerfully than before.

I was cleared as a channel in the healing on a new level! Even though I receive healing myself when I do healing work, it's important to receive healing from someone else. To take care of your own instrument. After Anja's healing my own healing work became stronger and my client had more powerful experiences and insights during my healing."- Heini Harjaluoma

What happens in the session:

  • 1.5 hour session of channeling healing energy, with help of spirits
  • First discussion and setting intention, calling spirit guides
  • Deep relaxing and grounding with himalayan bowl
  • Healing Shamanic drumming and chanting
  • Channeling healing energy with hands and voice. 

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Anja, I'm a coach and shaman, living in East Finland, Koli area. I'm also a single mom with two small kids and my own business. I've worked since 2000 in marketing, from 2008 as an entrepreneur. Since 2015 I have helped entrepreneurs to find the life and business of their dreams. Now my mission is to help especially lightworkers, to find their mission, passion, in business and life. To come forward authentically as they truly are, with all their gifts and power.

As a shaman, channeling healing energy, I help to open your connection to Universe, to your higher self. To clear out the heavy energy that may prevent from reaching your true potential. And to help you free your true light, let it shine bright.

Shamanic healing came to me by calling from spirit in 2020. In healing sessions spirits work through me. I'm only the channel. In this page you can book a healing session with me, whether you want to heal past wounds, emotional burden, stress, feelings of not being connected or just a general heaviness. Let me help you lighten up your being. <3

Anja Kadziolka,